CCM - Concentration Control Module

now available!!

In filter testing, well defined and constant conditions in the dirty gas upstream of the filter sample are essential.

Our dust feeder NDF100 is providing a well defined and stable dust concentration and particle size distribution. For small changes
in dust concentration the particle size distribution can be assumed as constant and therefor the photometer signal (transmission)
can be used for the regulation and control of the calibrated dust concentration. This is especially important in case where the weight
loss of the dust reservoir per time unit its too small to be used for the control of the feed rate.

Since we introduced our new laser photometer in 2009 it has shown proof to work very reliably and with very little maintenance
- there were only minor improvements after the first deliveries.

Having now at hand a reliable measurement tool for the dust concentration on the dirty gas side, we have succeeded to develop
a device to control the speed of the screw in the dust feeder, in order to

keep the dust concentration upstream of the filter sample constant

We proudly present the NEW Concentration Control Module - CCM.
The new device is made to compensate for the changes in volumetric feeding and/or
for deposition of dust crusts within the screw - or any other influence which make the dust
concentration change during long time operation.

The maintenance is the same as now but the operation is much less time consuming.
The installation is plug and play.

In test-rigs which are already equipped with the laser photometer, the retrofit is easy to achieve.
In most cases we only have to check the photometer and implement some minor changes.

There is a package price for the CCM which will include the work on the existing laser photometer, 
except for the replacement of worn parts, e.g. laser.

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