filter testing in the lab


Filter Testing in the laboratory under ambient and high temperature conditions according to


  • ISO11057:2011: "Air quality - Test method for filtration characterization of cleanable filter media” - link
  • VDI/DIN guideline 3926 “Testing of Cleanable Filter Media” and
  • ASTM D6830-02 "Testing of Filter Media for Cleanable Filters"

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FilTEq GmbH is providing third party testing as a neutral laboratory


The testing of the operational behaviour of filter media for cleanable filters (e.g. cartridge or bag filters) is carried out in the laboratory reducing the expenses involved in extensive pilot-scale experiments. Such tests are carried out with flat filters samples of the filter media using laboratory filter testing equipment.


With the filter tester according to the above standards it is possible to conduct measurements under defined conditions with regard to filter face velocity, raw gas concentration, particle size distribution of the raw gas dust and the cleaning conditions. The equipment permits a quick insertion and extraction and a periodic cleaning of the filter samples. The filtration and cleaning conditions at the filter samples can be set in such a way that they are comparable with the condition which actually prevail in filter plants. 

Extensive experiences have shown a very good consistency of the results from the laboratory with those gained under "real" conditions in industrial applications. 


 Standard flat, round sample


List of laboratory services


1. Standard Testing - with "aging-phase" as proposed in ISO11057:2011, 

includes the following measuring phases:

- conditioning: 30 filtration- and cleaning-cycles on demand

- aging: 2,500 cleaning pulses with an interval of 20 s (with dust)

- stabilizing: 10 stabilizing cycles with cleaning on demand

- measuring phase 4: 30 cycles or at least 2 hour measuring phase with cleaning on demand

- if cycle times in phase 4 are too short, phase 5 of ISO11057 applies


In VDI/DIN3926 testing

aging is performed with 10,000 cleaning pulses with intervals of 5 s


In ASTM D6830-02 testing

conditioning is omitted and aging is performed with 10,000 cleaning pulses with intervals of 3 s


All prices are calculated for test conditions of "normal" difficulty and with Pural NF as test dust and a filter face velocity of 2 m/min. 

If dusts are used which are difficult to disperse or if special precaution or cleaning is necessary, please ask for special conditions.

All tests can be performed in a temperature range from ambient to 200 °C


2. Short Screening Tests - without aging

Filter tests according to above mentioned standard conditions without aging with our laboratory rig

e. g.:

Performing of 100 filtration- and cleaning-cycles with standard dust Pural NF at ambient conditions

or up to 200 °C, incl. data processing and a short report.

The following data are collected during 100 cycles at 2 m/min:

- initial pressure drop and course of pressure drop

- development of residual pressure drop and cycle duration

- weight gain of the cleaned Filter sample after the 30th and 100th cleaning

- clean gas dust concentration for the first 30 and following 70 Cycles


3. Finger-print Tests

Testing as under point 2. but shortened (30 to 50 cycles).

Results are part of the quality control in production and/or for delivered filter media.


4. Air permeability measurement for new AND used filter bag material

for used bags material the permeability is measured "as delivered" and after 

one or several on-line and/or off-line cleaning pulses.

The results are indicating different potentials for pneumatic cleanability.


5. Customized testing

- Testing as defined by the customer also with geometric forms other than flat sheet; max. diam. 150 mm


rigid candle diam. approx. 60 mm - length 100 mm

mini-bag with special cage

rigid candle diam. approx. 150 mm  - length approx. 65 mm

pleated media pack - flattened and clamped in standard holder mini-bag with special cage after testing pleated media pack in special holder


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